SB 1079

Senate Bill (SB) 1079 solid waste collection; multifamily housing

Sponsor: Senator Griffin

Overview: SB1079 allows multi-family housing to be treated as commercial property for the purposes of waste collection.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes the bill for the concerns that cities and town would end up being the providers of last resort, that services provided would not be commensurate with current municipalities', and that the effective date (if the bill passes) would not allow for depreciation of equipment.

Summary: SB1079 creates a statewide law that allows multi-family housing to use private waste haulers.


04/01/15: signed by the governor. Chapter 142, Laws 2015.

03/25/15: Senate concurred in House amendments and passed on final reading 21-8; ready for governor.

03/23/15: passed House 34-23; ready for Senate action on House amendments

03/18/15: House COW approved with amendment

03/16/15: from House rules okay

03/10/15: from House energy-env with amendment

03/02/15: House energy-env held

02/18/15: SB 1079 referred to House energy-env.

02/09/15: SB 1079 passed Senate 24-5; ready for House.

02/05/15: SB 1079 passed through the Committee of the Whole with a due pass recommendation as amended. The bill will now proceed to Third Read.

02/03/15: SB 1079 passed through the Rules Committee proper for consideration. The bill will now proceed to Caucus.

01/28/15: SB 1079 passed the Senate Government Committee by a vote of 5-1. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.