HB 2315

House Bill (HB) 2315: financial information; comprehensive database; posting

Sponsor: Representative Barton

Overview: HB 2315 punishes a local government for failure to comply with posting requirements of comprehensive revenues and expenditures.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League is opposed to this bill as it attempts to unnecessarily codify an enforcement provision.

Summary: HB 2315 states that if a local government fails to comply with the requirement to establish and maintain an official internet website that is available to the public and that contains a comprehensive reporting of all revenues and expenditures over $5,000 of local monies, one percent of the shared revenues of the city or town that is not in compliance with the statute will be held until they come into compliance.


03/24/15: passed Senate 16-12; ready for House action on Senate amendments

03/23/15: Senate COW approved with amendment and floor amendment

03/17/15: from Senate rules okay

03/11/15: Senate gov amended

02/26/15: referred to Senate gov

02/25/15: passe House on reconsideration 36-23; ready for Senate

02/23/15: FAILED to pass House 28-30; House voted to reconsider failure to pass.

02/19/15: House COW approved

02/17/15: stricken from House consent calendar by Friese, Larkin

02/16/15: from House rules okay. To House consent calendar

02/12/15: The bill passed the House Government and Higher Education Committee by a vote of 6-2.