SB 1169

Senate Bill (SB) 1169: fire code requirements; fire watch

Sponsor: Senator Allen

Overview: SB 1169 allows, if required pursuant to the State Fire Code or a municipality, county or fire district's code, an employee who works at the building to serve as the fire watch.

League Position: NEUTRAL - The League took a neutral position as the bill makes no significant changes that burden municipalities.

Summary: SB 1169 permits an employee who works at the building in which a fire watch is required to serve as the fire watch if the municipality, county, district or the State Fire Code requires the use of a fire watch. The fire watch must be equipped with means to contact the local fire department and stipulates that the person's only duty is to perform constant patrols of the premises while keeping watch for fires. Municipalities, counties, and districts are required to provide the fire watch with printed instructions from the State Fire Marshal and may provide free training.


04/01/15: signed by the governor. Chapter 152, Laws 2015.

03/23/15: passed House 57-0; ready for governor

03/17/15: House COW approved

03/16/15: from House rules okay

03/03/15: from House gov-higher ed do pass

02/26/15: The bill passed the House Government and Higher Education Committee by a vote of 8-0. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.