SB 1300

Senate Bill (SB) 1300: law enforcement officers; body cameras

Sponsor: Senator Kavanagh

Overview: SB 1300 sets forth procedures for the use of body cameras by law enforcement.

League Position: NEUTRAL - The League is neutral on the bill as it addresses an important issue but still needs more input from stakeholders.

Summary: SB 1300 sets forth procedures for the use of body cameras by law enforcement, and also addresses the storage and viewing of footage.


04/01/15: signed by governor. Chapter 161, Laws 2015.

03/26/15: Senate concurred in House amendments and passed final reading 28-1; ready for governor.

03/24/15: passed House 54-2; ready for Senate action on House amendments.

03/24/15: House COW approved with amendment. SHORT TITLE CHANGE

03/23/15: from House mil-pub with amendment. From House rules okay.

03/19/15: House mil-pub amended

03/12/15: referred to House mil-pub

03/06/15: Senate COW approved with amendment, floor amendment, and rules amendment. Passed Senate 21-7; ready for House

03/04/15: from Senate rules with technical amendment

02/24/15: The bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee with an amendment by a vote of 8-0.

02/18/15: The bill passed the Senate Public Safety and Military Technology Committee by a vote of 6-0.