SB 1344

Senate Bill (SB) 1344: organization of county; private property (S/E: municipal lobbyists; fiduciary duty; disclosure)  

Sponsor: Senator Griffin (S/E sponsor Representative Petersen)

Overview: The strike everything amendment to SB 1344 directs municipal lobbyists to disclose dissenting city council opinions during their public testimony before the Legislature and asserts their fiduciary duty to the associated governing body.

League Position: OPPOSE - The strike everything amendment unnecessarily interferes with how municipalities represent their interests at the state legislature.

Summary: Municipal government relations programs take their policy direction directly from their respective city councils and they represent the will of the majority when engaging the state legislature. The strike everything amendment to SB 1344 interferes with local decision making authority.


03/30/15: Senate voted to reconsider 3/26 failure to pass bill. Date of second vote to be set by president.

03/26/15: Senate concurred in House amendments and FAILED to pass on final reading 13-16.

03/25/15: from House rules okay. House COW approved with amendment and floor amendment. SHORT TITLE CHANGE. Passed House 31-28; ready for Senate action on House amendments.

03/19/15: from House com with amendment

03/18/15: SB 1344 strike everything amendment passed House Commerce Committee with a 5-3 vote.