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SB 1072
SB 1072 local planning; residential housing; prohibitions
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Sponsor: Sen. Smith

Overview: SB1072 precludes inclusionary zoning.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes the bill as it is unnecessary and redundant with current state law.

Summary: SB1072 prohibits municipalities from requiring low income housing as a part of a new development.


04/01/15: signed by governor. Chap 140, Laws 2015.

03/26/15: Senate concurred in House amendments and passed Final Reading 24-4; ready for governor

03/23/15: passed House 37-20; ready for Senate action on House amendments

03/18/15: House COW approved with floor amendment, a substitute for amendment

03/16/15: from House rules okay

02/24/15: from House county-muni with amendment

02/18/15: referred to House county-muni

02/09/15: passed Senate 26-3; ready for House

02/05/15: Senate COW approved with floor amendment

02/03/15: from Senate rules okay.

01/28/15: SB1072 passed the Senate Government Committee by a vote of 4-2. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.