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Bill Monitoring from 2015 Legislative Session
The directory below contains tracking information for all legislation from the 2015 legislative session that appeared in the Legislative Bulletin, which can be found here. This is not an exhaustive list of legislation that was monitored by the League's Legislative Division. Please contact the League if you have any questions or concerns regarding legislation not available on this page.

HB 2008: S/E fireworks
HB 2129: municipal tax code commission; continuation
HB 2142: water infrastructure finance authority; prepayment
HB 2212: licensing; accountability; enforcement; exceeding regulation
HB 2214 notice; attorney general; trial court (NOW: majority vote calculation; municipal elections)
HB 2254: municipal tax exemption; residential lease
HB 2315: financial information; comprehensive database; posting
HB 2320: firearms; permit holders; public places
HB 2324: intergovernmental agreements; public agency indemnification
HB 2383: contracting; TPT; land value (S/E: invalid annexation; return procedure)
HB 2410: municipalities; traffic citation quota; prohibition
HB 2419: municipalities; pawnbrokers; gold; prohibition fees (commission fees; payment method)
HB 2447: (now) real property managers; consolidated returns
HB 2480: municipalities; pawnbrokers; gold; prohibited fees
HB 2504: board of technical registration; alarms
HB 2543: municipal elections; majority vote calculation
HB 2563: health facilities; substance abuse recovery
HB 2570: municipalities; vegetation requirements; prohibition
HB 2590: TPT reform; contractors

SB 1072: local planning; residential housing; prohibitions
SB 1079: solid waste collection; multifamily housing
SB 1090: neutrality agreement; apprenticeship agreement; prohibition
SB 1120: now fine art; TPT; exemption
SB 1133: TPT; municipalities; customer refund claims
SB 1167: photo enforcement; prohibition
SB 1169: fire code requirements; fire watch
SB 1187: services outside municipal boundaries; requirements
SB 1192: community college tuition financing districts (S/E: photo radar; prohibition)
SB 1241: AHCCCS; contractors; providers (S/E: energy measuring and reporting; prohibition)
SB 1291: firearms; state preemption; penalties
SB 1300: law enforcement officers; body cameras
SB 1330: Second Amendment violations; prohibited activities
SB 1335: fire access roads; limitation; enforcement
SB 1339: public records; unduly burdensome requests
SB 1342: responsibility of payment; utility services
SB 1344: organization of county; private property (S/E: municipal lobbyists; fiduciary duty; disclosure)
SB 1368: municipalities; additional business licenses; prohibition
SB 1443: occupational disease; post-traumatic stress disorder
SB 1446: TPT reform; contractors