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SB 1243
SB 1243: misconduct involving weapons; public places
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Sponsor: Sen. Kavanagh

Summary: SB1243 requires all public facilities, including publicly sponsored or permitted events, to allow Concealed Carry Weapons permit (CCW) holders to carry firearms inside if the facility or event does not have metal detectors and armed guards at each entrance. The League testified in opposition to the bill because it would preempt local authority on this issue. The bill also imposes an unfunded mandate on communities that wish to continue prohibiting firearms in their facilities. Municipalities that cannot afford to install and maintain the mandated security would not have a choice but to allow guns in their facilities. Furthermore, the bill does not specify that any weapon that the person carries be concealed, only that CCW permit holders be granted access. As such it could potentially require local governments to allow open-carry in their buildings. Since the bill exempts a number of public facilities, the League requested that cities and towns be exempted as well on the grounds that we share the same concerns and would like the same local authority to make decisions about public safety in our buildings.

League Position: OPPOSE - Cities and towns should be afforded the same rights as other public entities in making public safety decisions about their facilities.


2/1/2017: SB1243 passed out of Senate Government by a vote of 4-3. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

2/27/2017: SB1243 passed the Senate COW.

2/28/2017: SB1243 failed on Senate Third Read by a vote of 14-16.