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SB 1407
SB 1407: workers' compensation; employee definition; notice
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Sponsor: Sen. Fann

Summary: Allows the state, public entities and self-insurance pools to direct care to a specific medical provider for workers' compensation claims. Requires a working member of a limited liability company (LLC) to opt-in to workers' compensation to obtain coverage.

League Position: SUPPORT


2/13/2017: SB1407 passed out of Senate Commerce and Public Safety by a vote of 5-2. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

3/6/2017: SB1407 passed the Senate COW.

3/6/2017: SB1407 passed Senate Third Read by a vote of 17-13. The bill was transmitted to the House.

3/13/2017: SB1407 passed out of House Banking and Insurance by a vote of 5-3.