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Policy Committee Process and Municipal Policy Statement
League Policy Process
League legislative policy is developed through a series of meetings of Policy Committees, and ultimately voted on annually by the full membership at the League's Annual Conference.

There are five Policy Committees:

Budget, Finance and Economic Development
Chair: Mayor Daryl Seymore of Show Low
League Staff: Tom Savage
Example Topics: Special taxing districts, economic development incentives/ programs, TPT administration, Construction Sales Tax, budget procedures, audit procedures, Model City Tax Code, TPT base, Government Property Lease Excise Tax, developmental impact fees, Tax Increment Financing, tax abatements, property tax, enterprise zones, foreign trade zones

General Administration, Human Resources and Elections
Chair: vacant
League Staff: Tom Belshe
Example Topics: Annexation, general personnel issues, workers' compensation, pensions, elections, public records, public notices, government transparency, planning, procurement, public-private partnerships

Neighborhoods, Quality of Life and Sustainability
Chair: vacant
League Staff: Alex Vidal
Example Topics: Homeowners associations, parks, libraries, liquor licensing, sustainability

Public Safety, Military Affairs and Courts
Chair: Mayor Jerry Weiers of Glendale
League Staff: Alex Vidal
Example Topics: Criminal justice, police and fire (not pension), firearms, judiciary, military relations and installations

Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works
Chair: Mayor Bob Rivera of Thatcher
League Staff: Tom Savage
Example Topics: HURF, long-term infrastructure planning, developmental impact fees, water/ wastewater administration, transit, commercial rail, airport administration, highway safety, right-of-way, public-private partnerships, ADOT, ports of entry

At any time throughout the year, members of the League may submit items for consideration to the appropriate Policy Committee. The proposed issues are discussed and either drafted into a policy proposal or referred for other action. Those items that are recommended for policy action are presented to the Resolutions Committee at the League's Annual Conference for formal action. Each of the 91 cities and towns has one vote at the Resolutions Committee. Those items that are approved are then formally adopted at the League’s Annual Business Meeting, also held during the Annual Conference. The adopted resolutions form the basis of that year’s Municipal Policy Statement.

To become a member of a Policy Committee, submit an email request to: .

2019 League Resolutions Summary Chart
Each year a set of legislative resolutions is adopted which set forth the League’s agenda for the following year’s legislative session. These policy initiatives are first vetted by the League’s policy area committees then discussed and moved by the full Resolutions Committee during the League’s Annual Conference.

To see a summary chart of the 2019 Resolutions approved at this year’s League Conference, click here.

2019 Municipal Policy Statement
The 2019 Municipal Policy Statement is now available. The Policy Statement outlines the legislative priorities of the League for the upcoming session. It also includes a directory of legislators and the cities and towns they represent. You can access the statement online by clicking here.