Contact Your Legislators

Your Municipal Voice at the Capital

At the beginning of the Legislative session each year the League compiles current contact information for each of Arizona's 30 State Senators and 60 State Representatives in order to assist lobbying efforts for cities and towns. This listing, called Your Municipal Voice at the Capitol (PDF) is a document to help you, as a municipal official, to better understand the process and the personnel at the Arizona State Capitol.

Legislative Website

A useful tool for accessing legislative information is the Legislature's website. Using the links provided on the web page you can retrieve brief biographies of legislators and what committees they serve on, access complete texts of introduced legislation and obtain the status of any bill. Summaries of each bill can also be found on this site once the bill has been assigned to committee.

Contact Information

The League offices are always available for your use during the legislative session. The League facilities provide a convenient place for meeting with State Legislators, particularly for local officials outside the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Please feel free to contact the League staff should you have any questions regarding legislation or contacting your legislators.

If you wish to reach a legislator by mail at the Capitol, simply address the correspondence to:

Senator's Name
State Senator
1700 W Washington Street - Senate
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 800-352-8404

Representative's Name
State Representative
1700 W Washington Street- House
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 800-352-8404